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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

This project follows Keep a Changelog format for changes and adheres to Semantic Versioning.


[1.5.0] - 2021-03-30

  • Metrics: Ability to set multiple dimensions as default dimensions via MetricsUtils.defaultDimensions(). Introduced in v1.4.0 MetricsUtils.defaultDimensionSet() is deprecated now for better user experience.

[1.4.0] - 2021-03-11

  • Metrics: Ability to set default dimension for metrics via MetricsUtils.defaultDimensionSet().

Note: If your monitoring depends on default dimensions captured before via aws-embedded-metrics-java, those either need to be updated or has to be explicitly captured via MetricsUtils.defaultDimensionSet().

[1.3.0] - 2021-03-05

  • Powertools: It now works out of the box with code guru profile handler implementation.
  • Logging: Ability to override object mapper used for logging event. This provides customers ability to customize how and what they want to log from event.
  • Metrics: Module now by default captures AWS Request id as property if used together with Metrics annotation. It will also capture Xray Trace ID as property if tracing is enabled. This ensures good observability and tracing.
  • Metrics:withSingleMetric from `MetricsUtils can now pick the default namespace specified either on Metrics annotation or via POWERTOOLS_METRICS_NAMESPACE env var, without need to specify explicitly for each call.
  • Metrics:Metrics annotation captures metrics even in case of unhandled exception from Lambda function.
  • Docs: Migrated from Gatsby to MKdocs documentation system

Last update: 2021-03-05