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AWS SDK for Rust

The AWS SDK for Rust contains one crate for each AWS service, as well as aws-config (docs), a crate implementing configuration loading such as credential providers. For usage documentation see the Developer Guide.

AWS Services

Service Package
AWS ARC - Zonal Shift aws-sdk-arczonalshift (docs)
AWS Account aws-sdk-account (docs)
AWS Amplify aws-sdk-amplify (docs)
AWS Amplify UI Builder aws-sdk-amplifyuibuilder (docs)
AWS App Mesh aws-sdk-appmesh (docs)
AWS App Runner aws-sdk-apprunner (docs)
AWS AppConfig Data aws-sdk-appconfigdata (docs)
AWS AppSync aws-sdk-appsync (docs)
AWS Application Cost Profiler aws-sdk-applicationcostprofiler (docs)
AWS Application Discovery Service aws-sdk-applicationdiscovery (docs)
AWS Artifact aws-sdk-artifact (docs)
AWS Audit Manager aws-sdk-auditmanager (docs)
AWS Auto Scaling Plans aws-sdk-autoscalingplans (docs)
AWS B2B Data Interchange aws-sdk-b2bi (docs)
AWS Backup aws-sdk-backup (docs)
AWS Backup Gateway aws-sdk-backupgateway (docs)
AWS Batch aws-sdk-batch (docs)
AWS Billing and Cost Management Data Exports aws-sdk-bcmdataexports (docs)
AWS Budgets aws-sdk-budgets (docs)
AWS Certificate Manager aws-sdk-acm (docs)
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority aws-sdk-acmpca (docs)
AWS Chatbot aws-sdk-chatbot (docs)
AWS Clean Rooms ML aws-sdk-cleanroomsml (docs)
AWS Clean Rooms Service aws-sdk-cleanrooms (docs)
AWS Cloud Control API aws-sdk-cloudcontrol (docs)
AWS Cloud Map aws-sdk-servicediscovery (docs)
AWS Cloud9 aws-sdk-cloud9 (docs)
AWS CloudFormation aws-sdk-cloudformation (docs)
AWS CloudHSM V2 aws-sdk-cloudhsmv2 (docs)
AWS CloudTrail aws-sdk-cloudtrail (docs)
AWS CloudTrail Data Service aws-sdk-cloudtraildata (docs)
AWS CodeBuild aws-sdk-codebuild (docs)
AWS CodeCommit aws-sdk-codecommit (docs)
AWS CodeConnections aws-sdk-codeconnections (docs)
AWS CodeDeploy aws-sdk-codedeploy (docs)
AWS CodePipeline aws-sdk-codepipeline (docs)
AWS CodeStar aws-sdk-codestar (docs)
AWS CodeStar Notifications aws-sdk-codestarnotifications (docs)
AWS CodeStar connections aws-sdk-codestarconnections (docs)
AWS Comprehend Medical aws-sdk-comprehendmedical (docs)
AWS Compute Optimizer aws-sdk-computeoptimizer (docs)
AWS Config aws-sdk-config (docs)
AWS Control Catalog aws-sdk-controlcatalog (docs)
AWS Control Tower aws-sdk-controltower (docs)
AWS Cost Explorer Service aws-sdk-costexplorer (docs)
AWS Cost and Usage Report Service aws-sdk-costandusagereport (docs)
AWS Data Exchange aws-sdk-dataexchange (docs)
AWS Data Pipeline aws-sdk-datapipeline (docs)
AWS DataSync aws-sdk-datasync (docs)
AWS Database Migration Service aws-sdk-databasemigration (docs)
AWS Device Farm aws-sdk-devicefarm (docs)
AWS Direct Connect aws-sdk-directconnect (docs)
AWS Directory Service aws-sdk-directory (docs)
AWS EC2 Instance Connect aws-sdk-ec2instanceconnect (docs)
AWS Elastic Beanstalk aws-sdk-elasticbeanstalk (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaConvert aws-sdk-mediaconvert (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaLive aws-sdk-medialive (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaPackage aws-sdk-mediapackage (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD aws-sdk-mediapackagevod (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaPackage v2 aws-sdk-mediapackagev2 (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaStore aws-sdk-mediastore (docs)
AWS Elemental MediaStore Data Plane aws-sdk-mediastoredata (docs)
AWS EntityResolution aws-sdk-entityresolution (docs)
AWS Fault Injection Simulator aws-sdk-fis (docs)
AWS Free Tier aws-sdk-freetier (docs)
AWS Global Accelerator aws-sdk-globalaccelerator (docs)
AWS Glue aws-sdk-glue (docs)
AWS Glue DataBrew aws-sdk-databrew (docs)
AWS Greengrass aws-sdk-greengrass (docs)
AWS Ground Station aws-sdk-groundstation (docs)
AWS Health APIs and Notifications aws-sdk-health (docs)
AWS Health Imaging aws-sdk-medicalimaging (docs)
AWS Identity and Access Management aws-sdk-iam (docs)
AWS IoT aws-sdk-iot (docs)
AWS IoT 1-Click Devices Service aws-sdk-iot1clickdevices (docs)
AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service aws-sdk-iot1clickprojects (docs)
AWS IoT Analytics aws-sdk-iotanalytics (docs)
AWS IoT Core Device Advisor aws-sdk-iotdeviceadvisor (docs)
AWS IoT Data Plane aws-sdk-iotdataplane (docs)
AWS IoT Events aws-sdk-iotevents (docs)
AWS IoT Events Data aws-sdk-ioteventsdata (docs)
AWS IoT Fleet Hub aws-sdk-iotfleethub (docs)
AWS IoT FleetWise aws-sdk-iotfleetwise (docs)
AWS IoT Greengrass V2 aws-sdk-greengrassv2 (docs)
AWS IoT Jobs Data Plane aws-sdk-iotjobsdataplane (docs)
AWS IoT Secure Tunneling aws-sdk-iotsecuretunneling (docs)
AWS IoT SiteWise aws-sdk-iotsitewise (docs)
AWS IoT Things Graph aws-sdk-iotthingsgraph (docs)
AWS IoT TwinMaker aws-sdk-iottwinmaker (docs)
AWS IoT Wireless aws-sdk-iotwireless (docs)
AWS Key Management Service aws-sdk-kms (docs)
AWS Lake Formation aws-sdk-lakeformation (docs)
AWS Lambda aws-sdk-lambda (docs) (examples)
AWS Launch Wizard aws-sdk-launchwizard (docs)
AWS License Manager aws-sdk-licensemanager (docs)
AWS License Manager Linux Subscriptions aws-sdk-licensemanagerlinuxsubscriptions (docs)
AWS License Manager User Subscriptions aws-sdk-licensemanagerusersubscriptions (docs)
AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing aws-sdk-apptest (docs)
AWS Marketplace Agreement Service aws-sdk-marketplaceagreement (docs)
AWS Marketplace Catalog Service aws-sdk-marketplacecatalog (docs)
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics aws-sdk-marketplacecommerceanalytics (docs)
AWS Marketplace Deployment Service aws-sdk-marketplacedeployment (docs)
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service aws-sdk-marketplaceentitlement (docs)
AWS MediaConnect aws-sdk-mediaconnect (docs)
AWS MediaTailor aws-sdk-mediatailor (docs)
AWS Migration Hub aws-sdk-migrationhub (docs)
AWS Migration Hub Config aws-sdk-migrationhubconfig (docs)
AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator aws-sdk-migrationhuborchestrator (docs)
AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces aws-sdk-migrationhubrefactorspaces (docs)
AWS Mobile aws-sdk-mobile (docs)
AWS Network Firewall aws-sdk-networkfirewall (docs)
AWS Network Manager aws-sdk-networkmanager (docs)
AWS OpsWorks aws-sdk-opsworks (docs)
AWS OpsWorks CM aws-sdk-opsworkscm (docs)
AWS Organizations aws-sdk-organizations (docs)
AWS Outposts aws-sdk-outposts (docs)
AWS Panorama aws-sdk-panorama (docs)
AWS Performance Insights aws-sdk-pi (docs)
AWS Price List Service aws-sdk-pricing (docs)
AWS Private 5G aws-sdk-privatenetworks (docs)
AWS Proton aws-sdk-proton (docs)
AWS RDS DataService aws-sdk-rdsdata (docs)
AWS Resilience Hub aws-sdk-resiliencehub (docs)
AWS Resource Access Manager aws-sdk-ram (docs)
AWS Resource Explorer aws-sdk-resourceexplorer2 (docs)
AWS Resource Groups aws-sdk-resourcegroups (docs)
AWS Resource Groups Tagging API aws-sdk-resourcegroupstagging (docs)
AWS RoboMaker aws-sdk-robomaker (docs)
AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config aws-sdk-route53recoverycontrolconfig (docs)
AWS Route53 Recovery Readiness aws-sdk-route53recoveryreadiness (docs)
AWS S3 Control aws-sdk-s3control (docs)
AWS SSO Identity Store aws-sdk-identitystore (docs)
AWS SSO OIDC aws-sdk-ssooidc (docs)
AWS Savings Plans aws-sdk-savingsplans (docs)
AWS Secrets Manager aws-sdk-secretsmanager (docs)
AWS Security Token Service aws-sdk-sts (docs)
AWS SecurityHub aws-sdk-securityhub (docs)
AWS Server Migration Service aws-sdk-sms (docs)
AWS Service Catalog aws-sdk-servicecatalog (docs)
AWS Service Catalog App Registry aws-sdk-servicecatalogappregistry (docs)
AWS Shield aws-sdk-shield (docs)
AWS Signer aws-sdk-signer (docs)
AWS SimSpace Weaver aws-sdk-simspaceweaver (docs)
AWS Single Sign-On aws-sdk-sso (docs)
AWS Single Sign-On Admin aws-sdk-ssoadmin (docs)
AWS Snow Device Management aws-sdk-snowdevicemanagement (docs)
AWS Step Functions aws-sdk-sfn (docs)
AWS Storage Gateway aws-sdk-storagegateway (docs)
AWS Supply Chain aws-sdk-supplychain (docs)
AWS Support aws-sdk-support (docs)
AWS Support App aws-sdk-supportapp (docs)
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager aws-sdk-ssmincidents (docs)
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts aws-sdk-ssmcontacts (docs)
AWS Systems Manager for SAP aws-sdk-ssmsap (docs)
AWS Telco Network Builder aws-sdk-tnb (docs)
AWS Transfer Family aws-sdk-transfer (docs)
AWS WAF aws-sdk-waf (docs)
AWS WAF Regional aws-sdk-wafregional (docs)
AWS WAFV2 aws-sdk-wafv2 (docs)
AWS Well-Architected Tool aws-sdk-wellarchitected (docs)
AWS X-Ray aws-sdk-xray (docs)
AWS re:Post Private aws-sdk-repostspace (docs)
AWSBillingConductor aws-sdk-billingconductor (docs)
AWSDeadlineCloud aws-sdk-deadline (docs)
AWSKendraFrontendService aws-sdk-kendra (docs)
AWSMainframeModernization aws-sdk-m2 (docs)
AWSMarketplace Metering aws-sdk-marketplacemetering (docs)
AWSServerlessApplicationRepository aws-sdk-serverlessapplicationrepository (docs)
Access Analyzer aws-sdk-accessanalyzer (docs)
Agents for Amazon Bedrock aws-sdk-bedrockagent (docs)
Agents for Amazon Bedrock Runtime aws-sdk-bedrockagentruntime (docs)
Amazon API Gateway aws-sdk-apigateway (docs)
Amazon AppConfig aws-sdk-appconfig (docs)
Amazon AppIntegrations Service aws-sdk-appintegrations (docs)
Amazon AppStream aws-sdk-appstream (docs)
Amazon Appflow aws-sdk-appflow (docs)
Amazon Athena aws-sdk-athena (docs)
Amazon Augmented AI Runtime aws-sdk-sagemakera2iruntime (docs)
Amazon Bedrock aws-sdk-bedrock (docs)
Amazon Bedrock Runtime aws-sdk-bedrockruntime (docs)
Amazon Chime aws-sdk-chime (docs)
Amazon Chime SDK Identity aws-sdk-chimesdkidentity (docs)
Amazon Chime SDK Media Pipelines aws-sdk-chimesdkmediapipelines (docs)
Amazon Chime SDK Meetings aws-sdk-chimesdkmeetings (docs)
Amazon Chime SDK Messaging aws-sdk-chimesdkmessaging (docs)
Amazon Chime SDK Voice aws-sdk-chimesdkvoice (docs)
Amazon CloudDirectory aws-sdk-clouddirectory (docs)
Amazon CloudFront aws-sdk-cloudfront (docs)
Amazon CloudFront KeyValueStore aws-sdk-cloudfrontkeyvaluestore (docs)
Amazon CloudHSM aws-sdk-cloudhsm (docs)
Amazon CloudSearch aws-sdk-cloudsearch (docs)
Amazon CloudSearch Domain aws-sdk-cloudsearchdomain (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch aws-sdk-cloudwatch (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights aws-sdk-applicationinsights (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals aws-sdk-applicationsignals (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Events aws-sdk-cloudwatchevents (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Evidently aws-sdk-evidently (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor aws-sdk-internetmonitor (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Logs aws-sdk-cloudwatchlogs (docs)
Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor aws-sdk-networkmonitor (docs)
Amazon CodeCatalyst aws-sdk-codecatalyst (docs)
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler aws-sdk-codeguruprofiler (docs)
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer aws-sdk-codegurureviewer (docs)
Amazon CodeGuru Security aws-sdk-codegurusecurity (docs)
Amazon Cognito Identity aws-sdk-cognitoidentity (docs)
Amazon Cognito Identity Provider aws-sdk-cognitoidentityprovider (docs)
Amazon Cognito Sync aws-sdk-cognitosync (docs)
Amazon Comprehend aws-sdk-comprehend (docs)
Amazon Connect Cases aws-sdk-connectcases (docs)
Amazon Connect Contact Lens aws-sdk-connectcontactlens (docs)
Amazon Connect Customer Profiles aws-sdk-customerprofiles (docs)
Amazon Connect Participant Service aws-sdk-connectparticipant (docs)
Amazon Connect Service aws-sdk-connect (docs)
Amazon Connect Wisdom Service aws-sdk-wisdom (docs)
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager aws-sdk-dlm (docs)
Amazon DataZone aws-sdk-datazone (docs)
Amazon Detective aws-sdk-detective (docs)
Amazon DevOps Guru aws-sdk-devopsguru (docs)
Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters aws-sdk-docdbelastic (docs)
Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility aws-sdk-docdb (docs)
Amazon DynamoDB aws-sdk-dynamodb (docs)
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) aws-sdk-dax (docs)
Amazon DynamoDB Streams aws-sdk-dynamodbstreams (docs)
Amazon EC2 Container Registry aws-sdk-ecr (docs)
Amazon EC2 Container Service aws-sdk-ecs (docs)
Amazon EKS Auth aws-sdk-eksauth (docs)
Amazon EMR aws-sdk-emr (docs)
Amazon EMR Containers aws-sdk-emrcontainers (docs)
Amazon ElastiCache aws-sdk-elasticache (docs)
Amazon Elastic Inference aws-sdk-elasticinference (docs)
Amazon Elastic Block Store aws-sdk-ebs (docs)
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud aws-sdk-ec2 (docs)
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public aws-sdk-ecrpublic (docs)
Amazon Elastic File System aws-sdk-efs (docs)
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service aws-sdk-eks (docs)
Amazon Elastic Transcoder aws-sdk-elastictranscoder (docs)
Amazon Elasticsearch Service aws-sdk-elasticsearch (docs)
Amazon EventBridge aws-sdk-eventbridge (docs)
Amazon EventBridge Pipes aws-sdk-pipes (docs)
Amazon EventBridge Scheduler aws-sdk-scheduler (docs)
Amazon FSx aws-sdk-fsx (docs)
Amazon Forecast Query Service aws-sdk-forecastquery (docs)
Amazon Forecast Service aws-sdk-forecast (docs)
Amazon Fraud Detector aws-sdk-frauddetector (docs)
Amazon GameLift aws-sdk-gamelift (docs)
Amazon Glacier aws-sdk-glacier (docs)
Amazon GuardDuty aws-sdk-guardduty (docs)
Amazon HealthLake aws-sdk-healthlake (docs)
Amazon Import/Export Snowball aws-sdk-snowball (docs)
Amazon Inspector aws-sdk-inspector (docs)
Amazon Interactive Video Service aws-sdk-ivs (docs)
Amazon Interactive Video Service Chat aws-sdk-ivschat (docs)
Amazon Interactive Video Service RealTime aws-sdk-ivsrealtime (docs)
Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking aws-sdk-kendraranking (docs)
Amazon Keyspaces aws-sdk-keyspaces (docs)
Amazon Kinesis aws-sdk-kinesis (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Analytics aws-sdk-kinesisanalytics (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Analytics aws-sdk-kinesisanalyticsv2 (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Firehose aws-sdk-firehose (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels aws-sdk-kinesisvideosignaling (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams aws-sdk-kinesisvideo (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Archived Media aws-sdk-kinesisvideoarchivedmedia (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media aws-sdk-kinesisvideomedia (docs)
Amazon Kinesis Video WebRTC Storage aws-sdk-kinesisvideowebrtcstorage (docs)
Amazon Lex Model Building Service aws-sdk-lexmodelbuilding (docs)
Amazon Lex Model Building V2 aws-sdk-lexmodelsv2 (docs)
Amazon Lex Runtime Service aws-sdk-lexruntime (docs)
Amazon Lex Runtime V2 aws-sdk-lexruntimev2 (docs)
Amazon Lightsail aws-sdk-lightsail (docs)
Amazon Location Service aws-sdk-location (docs)
Amazon Lookout for Equipment aws-sdk-lookoutequipment (docs)
Amazon Lookout for Metrics aws-sdk-lookoutmetrics (docs)
Amazon Lookout for Vision aws-sdk-lookoutvision (docs)
Amazon Machine Learning aws-sdk-machinelearning (docs)
Amazon Macie 2 aws-sdk-macie2 (docs)
Amazon Managed Blockchain aws-sdk-managedblockchain (docs)
Amazon Managed Blockchain Query aws-sdk-managedblockchainquery (docs)
Amazon Managed Grafana aws-sdk-grafana (docs)
Amazon Mechanical Turk aws-sdk-mturk (docs)
Amazon MemoryDB aws-sdk-memorydb (docs)
Amazon Neptune aws-sdk-neptune (docs)
Amazon Neptune Graph aws-sdk-neptunegraph (docs)
Amazon NeptuneData aws-sdk-neptunedata (docs)
Amazon Omics aws-sdk-omics (docs)
Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion aws-sdk-osis (docs)
Amazon OpenSearch Service aws-sdk-opensearch (docs)
Amazon Personalize aws-sdk-personalize (docs)
Amazon Personalize Events aws-sdk-personalizeevents (docs)
Amazon Personalize Runtime aws-sdk-personalizeruntime (docs)
Amazon Pinpoint aws-sdk-pinpoint (docs)
Amazon Pinpoint Email Service aws-sdk-pinpointemail (docs)
Amazon Pinpoint SMS Voice V2 aws-sdk-pinpointsmsvoicev2 (docs)
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service aws-sdk-pinpointsmsvoice (docs)
Amazon Polly aws-sdk-polly (docs)
Amazon Prometheus Service aws-sdk-amp (docs)
Amazon Q Connect aws-sdk-qconnect (docs)
Amazon QLDB aws-sdk-qldb (docs)
Amazon QLDB Session aws-sdk-qldbsession (docs)
Amazon QuickSight aws-sdk-quicksight (docs)
Amazon Recycle Bin aws-sdk-rbin (docs)
Amazon Redshift aws-sdk-redshift (docs)
Amazon Rekognition aws-sdk-rekognition (docs)
Amazon Relational Database Service aws-sdk-rds (docs)
Amazon Route 53 aws-sdk-route53 (docs)
Amazon Route 53 Domains aws-sdk-route53domains (docs)
Amazon Route 53 Resolver aws-sdk-route53resolver (docs)
Amazon S3 on Outposts aws-sdk-s3outposts (docs)
Amazon SageMaker Feature Store Runtime aws-sdk-sagemakerfeaturestoreruntime (docs)
Amazon SageMaker Metrics Service aws-sdk-sagemakermetrics (docs)
Amazon SageMaker Runtime aws-sdk-sagemakerruntime (docs)
Amazon SageMaker Service aws-sdk-sagemaker (docs)
Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities aws-sdk-sagemakergeospatial (docs)
Amazon Sagemaker Edge Manager aws-sdk-sagemakeredge (docs)
Amazon Security Lake aws-sdk-securitylake (docs)
Amazon Simple Email Service aws-sdk-ses (docs)
Amazon Simple Email Service aws-sdk-sesv2 (docs)
Amazon Simple Notification Service aws-sdk-sns (docs)
Amazon Simple Queue Service aws-sdk-sqs (docs)
Amazon Simple Storage Service aws-sdk-s3 (docs)
Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM) aws-sdk-ssm (docs)
Amazon Simple Workflow Service aws-sdk-swf (docs)
Amazon Textract aws-sdk-textract (docs)
Amazon Timestream Query aws-sdk-timestreamquery (docs)
Amazon Timestream Write aws-sdk-timestreamwrite (docs)
Amazon Transcribe Service aws-sdk-transcribe (docs)
Amazon Transcribe Streaming Service aws-sdk-transcribestreaming (docs)
Amazon Translate aws-sdk-translate (docs)
Amazon VPC Lattice aws-sdk-vpclattice (docs)
Amazon Verified Permissions aws-sdk-verifiedpermissions (docs)
Amazon Voice ID aws-sdk-voiceid (docs)
Amazon WorkDocs aws-sdk-workdocs (docs)
Amazon WorkLink aws-sdk-worklink (docs)
Amazon WorkMail aws-sdk-workmail (docs)
Amazon WorkMail Message Flow aws-sdk-workmailmessageflow (docs)
Amazon WorkSpaces aws-sdk-workspaces (docs)
Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client aws-sdk-workspacesthinclient (docs)
Amazon WorkSpaces Web aws-sdk-workspacesweb (docs)
AmazonApiGatewayManagementApi aws-sdk-apigatewaymanagement (docs)
AmazonApiGatewayV2 aws-sdk-apigatewayv2 (docs)
AmazonConnectCampaignService aws-sdk-connectcampaigns (docs)
AmazonMQ aws-sdk-mq (docs)
AmazonMWAA aws-sdk-mwaa (docs)
AmazonNimbleStudio aws-sdk-nimble (docs)
AmplifyBackend aws-sdk-amplifybackend (docs)
AppFabric aws-sdk-appfabric (docs)
Application Auto Scaling aws-sdk-applicationautoscaling (docs)
Application Migration Service aws-sdk-mgn (docs)
Auto Scaling aws-sdk-autoscaling (docs)
Braket aws-sdk-braket (docs)
CloudWatch Observability Access Manager aws-sdk-oam (docs)
CloudWatch RUM aws-sdk-rum (docs)
CodeArtifact aws-sdk-codeartifact (docs)
Cost Optimization Hub aws-sdk-costoptimizationhub (docs)
EC2 Image Builder aws-sdk-imagebuilder (docs)
EMR Serverless aws-sdk-emrserverless (docs)
Elastic Disaster Recovery Service aws-sdk-drs (docs)
Elastic Load Balancing aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancing (docs)
Elastic Load Balancing aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2 (docs)
FinSpace Public API aws-sdk-finspacedata (docs)
FinSpace User Environment Management service aws-sdk-finspace (docs)
Firewall Management Service aws-sdk-fms (docs)
IAM Roles Anywhere aws-sdk-rolesanywhere (docs)
Inspector Scan aws-sdk-inspectorscan (docs)
Inspector2 aws-sdk-inspector2 (docs)
MailManager aws-sdk-mailmanager (docs)
Managed Streaming for Kafka aws-sdk-kafka (docs)
Managed Streaming for Kafka Connect aws-sdk-kafkaconnect (docs)
Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations aws-sdk-migrationhubstrategy (docs)
OpenSearch Service Serverless aws-sdk-opensearchserverless (docs)
Payment Cryptography Control Plane aws-sdk-paymentcryptography (docs)
Payment Cryptography Data Plane aws-sdk-paymentcryptographydata (docs)
PcaConnectorAd aws-sdk-pcaconnectorad (docs)
Private CA Connector for SCEP aws-sdk-pcaconnectorscep (docs)
QApps aws-sdk-qapps (docs)
QBusiness aws-sdk-qbusiness (docs)
Redshift Data API Service aws-sdk-redshiftdata (docs)
Redshift Serverless aws-sdk-redshiftserverless (docs)
Route 53 Profiles aws-sdk-route53profiles (docs)
Route53 Recovery Cluster aws-sdk-route53recoverycluster (docs)
Schemas aws-sdk-schemas (docs)
Service Quotas aws-sdk-servicequotas (docs)
Synthetics aws-sdk-synthetics (docs)
Tax Settings aws-sdk-taxsettings (docs)
Timestream InfluxDB aws-sdk-timestreaminfluxdb (docs)
TrustedAdvisor Public API aws-sdk-trustedadvisor (docs)