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Getting Started

To begin, you'll log into a temporary AWS account that will be provided to you for this workshop.

Accessing your AWS account

At the beginning of the workshop, you will be given a 12-character access code. This access code grants you access to a temporary AWS account that you'll use for this workshop.

Step 1. Log in

Go to Event Engine Dashboard, and enter the access code in the Team Hash field. Click Accept Terms & Login.

Event Engine Login

Step 2. Sign in with...

Click on Email One-Time Password (OTP) and provide your email address on the next screen. Then check your email and provide the one-time password to verify access

Event Engine Login

Step 3. Get Credentials

  1. On the Team Dashboard, click SSH Key to download the SSH Keypair PEM file. You'll use this file later to SSH into an EC2 instance.

  2. If your using a Mac, change permissions of the PEM file that you just downloaded. This is an SSH security requirement.

    chmod 600 /path/to/file.pem

  3. Next, click AWS Console to begin the login process to the AWS account.

Event Engine Dashboard

Step 4. Open AWS Console

Click Open AWS Console. For this workshop, you will not need the Credentials or CLI Snippets

AWS Console

Awesome! Now that you are logged into your temporary AWS account, we can start the labs. Click Next.