Smithy is split into several specifications.

Core specifications

Every specification builds on top of these core specifications.

Smithy core specification Defines the foundation of Smithy modeling.
Smithy Language Specification Defines the syntax of .smithy models.
Selectors Defines the syntax used to match shapes.
Event stream specification Defines streaming of structured data.
HTTP protocol bindings Defines how to bind models to HTTP.
XML bindings Defines how to bind models to XML.

Additional specifications

Additional specifications define additional functionality and enhancements.

Model Validation Defines how to configure custom validation.
MQTT Protocol Bindings Defines how to bind models to MQTT.
HTTP Protocol Compliance Tests Defines traits used to validate HTTP-based client and server protocol implementations.

AWS specifications

AWS-specific specifications are defined below.

AWS Core Specification Defines core traits used to integrate Smithy models with AWS.
AWS IAM traits Defines AWS IAM traits.
Amazon API Gateway Integrations Defines Amazon API Gateway integrations.
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