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API Reference


Resource Types


ClusterDetails contains the coordinates of your EKS cluster. These details can be found using the DescribeCluster API.

Appears in: - NodeConfigSpec

Field Description
name string Name is the name of your EKS cluster
apiServerEndpoint string APIServerEndpoint is the URL of your EKS cluster's kube-apiserver.
certificateAuthority byte array CertificateAuthority is a base64-encoded string of your cluster's certificate authority chain.
cidr string CIDR is your cluster's service CIDR block. This value is used to infer your cluster's DNS address.
enableOutpost boolean EnableOutpost determines how your node is configured when running on an AWS Outpost.
id string ID is an identifier for your cluster; this is only used when your node is running on an AWS Outpost.


ContainerdOptions are additional parameters passed to containerd.

Appears in: - NodeConfigSpec

Field Description
config string Config is an inline containerd configuration TOML that will be merged with the defaults.
baseRuntimeSpec object (keys:string, values:RawExtension) BaseRuntimeSpec is the OCI runtime specification upon which all containers will be based. The provided spec will be merged with the default spec; so that a partial spec may be provided. For more information, see:


Underlying type: string

Feature specifies which feature gate should be toggled

Appears in: - NodeConfigSpec

.Validation: - Enum: [InstanceIdNodeName]


InstanceOptions determines how the node's operating system and devices are configured.

Appears in: - NodeConfigSpec

Field Description
localStorage LocalStorageOptions


KubeletOptions are additional parameters passed to kubelet.

Appears in: - NodeConfigSpec

Field Description
config object (keys:string, values:RawExtension) Config is a KubeletConfiguration that will be merged with the defaults.
flags string array Flags are command-line kubelet arguments. that will be appended to the defaults.


LocalStorageOptions control how EC2 instance stores are used when available.

Appears in: - InstanceOptions

Field Description
strategy LocalStorageStrategy


Underlying type: string

LocalStorageStrategy specifies how to handle an instance's local storage devices.

Appears in: - LocalStorageOptions

.Validation: - Enum: [RAID0 Mount]


NodeConfig is the primary configuration object for nodeadm.

Field Description
apiVersion string
kind string NodeConfig
kind string Kind is a string value representing the REST resource this object represents. Servers may infer this from the endpoint the client submits requests to. Cannot be updated. In CamelCase. More info:
apiVersion string APIVersion defines the versioned schema of this representation of an object. Servers should convert recognized schemas to the latest internal value, and may reject unrecognized values. More info:
metadata ObjectMeta Refer to Kubernetes API documentation for fields of metadata.
spec NodeConfigSpec


Appears in: - NodeConfig

Field Description
cluster ClusterDetails
containerd ContainerdOptions
instance InstanceOptions
kubelet KubeletOptions
featureGates object (keys:Feature, values:boolean) FeatureGates holds key-value pairs to enable or disable application features.