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Supercharge your Data and AI/ML Journey with Amazon EKS


Unlocking Best Practices for AI/ML Deployment on EKS with KubeFlow, JupyterHub, and More

Data Analytics

Best Practice Data Analytics Deployment Templates and Examples for EKS with Apache Spark, Spark Operator, Dask, Beam, and More

Amazon EMR on EKS

Optimized Multi-Tenant Deployment of Amazon EMR on EKS Cluster with Best Practices using Karpenter Autoscaler and Apache YuniKorn Templates

Streaming Data Platforms

Building High-Scalability Streaming Data Platforms with Kafka, Flink, Spark Streaming, and More


Optimizing Job Scheduling on EKS with Apache Airflow, Amazon MWAA, Argo Workflow, and More

Distributed Databases & Query Engines

Constructing High-Performance, Scalable Distributed Databases and Query Engines with Cassandra, Trino, Presto, and More