Kubeflow on AWS

The machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes on AWS

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What is Kubeflow on AWS?

Kubeflow on AWS is an open source distribution of Kubeflow that allows customers to build machine learning systems with ready-made AWS service integrations. Use Kubeflow on AWS to streamline data science tasks and build highly reliable, secure, and scalable machine learning systems with reduced operational overheads.

Service Integrations

Integrate your Kubeflow deployment with different AWS services depending on your use case.

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Amazon Cognito
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Amazon RDS
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Amazon S3

Machine Learning

Build machine learning systems on top of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) using Kubeflow on AWS.

Build, train, tune, and deploy machine learning models for a wide variety of use cases, including computer vision, natural language processing, speech translation, and financial modeling.

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Computer Vision
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Natural Language Processing
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Financial Modeling

Open Source

AWS is adding value to the open source Kubeflow project by providing its own distribution: Kubeflow on AWS. Follow along with or contribute to development in the AWS Labs repository.