A toolkit for neural sequence-to-sequence transduction



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This is the documentation for Sockeye, a sequence-to-sequence framework for Neural Machine Translation based on Apache MXNet Incubating. It implements state-of-the-art encoder-decoder architectures, such as

Recent developments and changes are tracked in our CHANGELOG.

If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, please submit a pull request or issue. You can also send questions to sockeye-dev-at-amazon-dot-com. Developers may be interested in our developer guidelines.

Version 2.0

With version 2.0, we have updated the usage of MXNet by moving to the Gluon API and adding support for several state-of-the-art features such as distributed training, low-precision training and decoding, as well as easier debugging of neural network architectures. In the context of this rewrite, we also trimmed down the large feature set of version 1.18.x to concentrate on the most important types of models and features, to provide a maintainable framework that is suitable for fast prototyping, research, and production. We welcome Pull Requests if you would like to help with adding back features when needed.


For more information about Sockeye 2, see our paper (BibTeX):

Felix Hieber, Tobias Domhan, Michael Denkowski, David Vilar. 2020. Sockeye 2: A Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. To appear in EAMT 2020, project track.

For technical information about Sockeye 1, see our paper on the arXiv (BibTeX):

Felix Hieber, Tobias Domhan, Michael Denkowski, David Vilar, Artem Sokolov, Ann Clifton and Matt Post. 2017. Sockeye: A Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. ArXiv e-prints.