Create an EKS Cluster

Create an EKS cluster before you deploy Kubeflow on AWS using Kustomize or Helm

Note : You do not need to create an EKS cluster if you are using Terraform

Create EKS Cluster using eksctl

Note: Be sure to check Amazon EKS and Kubeflow Compatibility when creating your cluster with specific EKS versions.

You can create a customized EKS cluster with the following steps.

Note: Various controllers use IAM roles for service accounts (IRSA). An OIDC provider must exist for your cluster to use IRSA.

Change the values for the CLUSTER_NAME and CLUSTER_REGION environment variables:


Run the following command to create an EKS cluster:

eksctl create cluster \
--name ${CLUSTER_NAME} \
--version 1.25 \
--region ${CLUSTER_REGION} \
--nodegroup-name linux-nodes \
--node-type m5.xlarge \
--nodes 5 \
--nodes-min 5 \
--nodes-max 10 \
--managed \

If you are using an existing EKS cluster, create an OIDC provider and associate it with for your EKS cluster with the following command:

eksctl utils associate-iam-oidc-provider --cluster ${CLUSTER_NAME} \
--region ${CLUSTER_REGION} --approve

Important: If you are using an EKS version >= 1.23 install the Amazon EBS CSI driver by following the instructions here.

More details about cluster creation via eksctl can be found in the Creating and managing clusters guide.

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