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Monitor your cluster and job activity


Indexes have been renamed on SOCA 2.7.0 and newer:

  • jobs -> soca_jobs
  • pbsnodes -> soca_nodes
  • soca_desktops (new)

Dashboard URL

Open your AWS console and navigate to CloudFormation. Select your parent Stack, click Output, and retrieve "WebUserInterface"

Index Information

Cluster Nodes Data Job Data DCV Desktop Data
Kibana Index Name soca_nodes soca_jobs soca_desktops
Script /apps/soca/$SOCA_CONFIGURATION/cluster_analytics/ /apps/soca/$SOCA_CONFIGURATION/cluster_analytics/ /apps/soca/$SOCA_CONFIGURATION/cluster_analytics/
Recurrence 1 minute 1 hour (note: job must be terminated to be shown on OpenSearch (formerly Elasticsearch)) 10 minutes
Data uploaded Host Info (status of provisioned host, lifecycle, memory, cpu etc ..) Job Info (allocated hardware, licenses, simulation cost, job owner, instance type ...) Desktop Instance information
Timestamp Key Use "timestamp" when you create the index for the first time use "start_iso" when you create the index for the first time Use "timestamp" when you create the index for the first time


Analytics scripts are cron jobs running on the scheduler node. You can change the recurrence to match your own requirements.

Create Indexes

Since it's the first time you access this endpoint, you will need to configure your indexes.
First, access Kibana URL and click "Explore on my Own"

Go under Management and Click Index Patterns

Create your first index by typing pbsnodes*.

Click next, and then specify the Time Filter key (timestamp). Once done, click Create Index Pattern.

Repeat the same operation for jobs* index

This time, select start_iso as time filter key.

Once your indexes are configured, go to Kibana, select "Discover" tab to start visualizing the data


Cluster Node

Job Metadata

Troubleshooting access permission

Access to OpenSearch (formerly Elasticsearch) is restricted to the IP you have specified during the installation. If your IP change for any reason, you won't be able to access the analytics dashboard and will get the following error message:

{"Message":"User: anonymous is not authorized to perform: es:ESHttpGet"}

To solve this issue, log in to AWS Console and go to OpenSearch (formerly Elasticsearch) Service dashboard. Select your OpenSearch (formerly Elasticsearch) cluster and click "Modify Access Policy"

Finally, simply add your new IP under the "Condition" block, then click Submit

Please note it may take up to 5 minutes for your IP to be validated

Create your own dashboard