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How to access Scale-Out Computing on AWS


Backend storage on Scale-Out Computing on AWS is persistent. You will have access to the same filesystem ($HOME, /data and /apps) whether you access your cluster using SSH, Web Remote Desktop or Native Remote Desktop

SSH access

To access your Scale-Out Computing on AWS cluster using SSH protocol, simply click "SSH Access" on the left sidebar and follow the instructions. Scale-Out Computing on AWS will let you download your private key either in PEM or PPK format.

SSH to an instance in a Private Subnet

If you need to access an instance that is in a Private (non-routable) Subnet, you can use ssh-agent to do this:

$ ssh-add -K ~/Keys/my_key_region.pem
Identity added: /Users/username/Keys/my_key_region.pem (/Users/username/Keys/my_key_region.pem)

$ ssh-add -L
<you should see your ssh key here>

Now use -A with ssh and this will forward the key with your ssh login:

$ ssh -A -i ~/Keys/my_key_region.pem centos@111.222.333.444

Now that you have your key forwarded, you can login to an instance that is in the Private Subnet:


Graphical access using Windows/Linux virtual desktop

Refer to this page to learn how to launch your own Windows/Linux session and access SOCA via your virtual desktop